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Welcome to Bismarck State College
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About BSC

Welcome to Bismarck State College and to your opportunity to go beyond with us. I invite you to explore our website to learn about our mission and vision, our academic programs and our many events and activities.

At BSC, we are rallied around our brand, beyond. It’s a word that holds the promise of individual pursuits. It contains all the potential of the people who work here; it represents the success of our students and the excellence of our events and outreach. Beyond is a place and it is potential and it is an expectation. At BSC we’ll go above and beyond to help you achieve it.
As a student, your beyond may mean attending for a semester and then transferring on to a four year college or university; perhaps you are focused on graduating with a technical degree and moving into a promising career in healthcare, energy or automotive repair; maybe you are looking for a couple of classes that will enhance your skills. Whatever your path, the people of BSC are here to help you get started, stay on track and meet your educational goals.

BSC has provided a high quality, affordable college education to the region for more than 75 years. Whether you are a prospective or continuing student, or a business looking for training, we are here to help you succeed.
I invite you to visit our beautiful campus overlooking the Missouri River. You will find a place bursting with energy – from dynamic faculty to new buildings to big ideas. In addition, our top quality online classes provide you with all the benefits of BSC as well as scheduling flexibility.

I encourage you to learn more about BSC. I’m available to talk (call 701-224-5431) or better yet, visit us and discover how BSC can help you learn, grow, succeed and go beyond.
Larry C. Skogen
Larry C. Skogen

Thank you,
Dr. Larry C. Skogen
BSC President

Mission and Vision


Bismarck State College, an innovative community college, offers highFall2018CampusStudentlcmd164.jpg quality education, workforce training, and enrichment programs reaching local and global communities.


A national model for innovative education and workforce training.

  • ENGAGE – We know what our students and stakeholders need, and they know we offer relevant and resonant programs and services.
  • CONNECT – We are connected to our students and other stakeholders. We ensure students have the best quality experience at BSC.
  • DELIVER – We provide what we say we’ll provide to our students and stakeholders. We deliver the best quality education and training for our students’ success.

Excellence. Innovation. Learning. Integrity. People. 

Read our 2018-23 Strategic Plan here.

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